Why “handmade”?

The title is inspired by the handmade manifesto that questions why software is irreparably becoming bloated and slow even after years of hardware speed increase.

… Why does it take your operating system 10 seconds, 30 seconds, a minute to boot up? Why does your word processor freeze when you save a document on the cloud? Why does your web browser take 3, 4, 10 seconds to load a web page? Why does your phone struggle to keep more than a few apps open at a time? And why does each update somehow make the problem worse?

It means that software should be writtern by hand and crafted minding the problem it's supposed to solve making the best possible use of the resources available. Writting software by hand is minding the underlying hardware, reasoning about the best way to lay our data on memory and the most efficient way to access it. It is the urge to learn how to build good software that works with the computer, instead of against it.